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IMNAHA pack goes under the gun today!

Ten of Oregon's 14 wolves were turned over to the mercies of Wallowa County's notoriously wolf-hating ranchers by the ODFW.
Proud Montan Hunter with alpha female - this could be B300
Proud Montan Hunter with alpha female - this could be B300
Ranchers in Wallowa County have been
issued kill permits for public and private land, despite the fact
only 2 cases of livestock depredation have been confirmed, and that no
collared wolves were recorded in the vicinity of either loss. These
attacks took place in the territory of the Imnaha pack, of which
B300, an Idaho wolf, is the alpha female. She has pups now. She has never
been blamed for killing stock, yet because she is collared, she is
most likely to be killed.

Technically, ranchers may only shoot wolves observed attacking livestock, but the permits are overseen by the local Wildlife Services office which is markedly hostile to wolves, and which has been involved in controversy with the ODFW over their wholly uncritical wolf depredation investigations, in which they take the rancher's side without demur. The level of media hysteria in Wallowa County and the repeated calls to kill wolves illegally means the ranchers with these kill permits are encouraged to hunt down and slaughter the wolves illegally. The ODFW has released the locations of the wolf den and the traveling habits of the wolves. Ranchers have the radio collar frequencies of the wolves and the ODFW has given them the receivers with which to track them down.

This will be a slaughter of our wolves by some of the most avidly anti-wildlife people in Oregon, and it is unjustified by the circumstances.

Contact the ODFW Commission at:  odfw.commission@coho2.dfw.state.or.us

Contact the ODFW Director at:  Ronald.E.Anglin@state.or.us
(503) 947-6312

Contact your legislators, spread the word around.

Wolves could be dying right now.

Some exagerations 25.May.2010 19:15


Some of this is right, but it isn't true that all the ranchers or people are "avidly anti-wildlife." A lot of the ranchers are moderate but concerned for their livestock and nobody knows what the ranchers with permits will do. The Wildlife Service people might be biased but they are also professional and under scrutiny. It is likely that B300 has puppies but not for sure. The radio receivers are not directional but show only proximity. Some wolf travel information has been given to ranchers, according to the media story ( http://www.lagrandeobserver.com/News/Local-News/Wolf-kill-permits-issued-to-ranchers) but I don't think the location of the den would be included, although it could possibly be deduced. It's true the local newspaper, The Chieftain, has provided hysterical anti-wolf coverage and has printed some comments suggesting that it might be ok to kill wolves illegally, but that doesn't mean that's what will happen. Just because the anti-wolf folks are creating hysteria doesn't mean that we should do the same.