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On ST. Patty's day I was arrested for DUII in Clackamas county. I was appointed an attorney and he sent me some paperwork in the mail that no one should have access to.
I received alot of paperwork from my attorney. I happen to be a excellent reader/researcher and when I was looking through the paperwork I found that they did a "records" search on my name through the Oregon State Police Identification Services Section. In my hand I hold six documents provided by my attorney that are the results of the records search on my name. Kimberly Hall. It says "The use of this record is controlled by state and federal regulations. It is for official use only and may be used only for the purpose requested".
I hold in my hand the names, birth dates, and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS of 7 other women named Kimberly Hall!! The first one has the exact same first middle and last name as myself except she was born in 1967. The next one has the same exact name as me but she is born in 1965. Followed by a Kimberly Dawn Hall DOB is in 1973.Then we have a Kimberly Diane Hall born in 1967 followed by a Kimberly Kay Hall born in 1978, and onto a Kimberly Jo Hall born in 1963.

I have the names date of birth and social security numbers for all these women and when I pointed this out to my public offender over the phone he was surprised and at court he told me he see's these reports all the time but this is the first time any one has noticed that I have seven new identities if I wanted them.

How irresponsible and careless of the people doing the searches and providing the reports to people who are being charged with a crime. When I went to work the day that I found all this. I showed the paperwork to some of my customers and a couple of them were outraged and suggested that I contact the media about it.

I guess I should be happy that i am poor and don't have shit because apparently their are seven other women in Oregon with the same name as me and obviously my social security number and date of birth can just as easily be provided to one of these other Kimberly Halls and they could screw my credit and finances up royally.

It's a good thing that I am not involved identity theft.

What do you think??