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Jose Maria Sison: Party animal by night

It's party time in Utrecht. And it's not about the Communist Party of the Philippines.
Apologists say comrades should give Prof. Jose Maria Sison aka Amado Guerrero or Armando Liwanag some slack. He has to socialize with friends and allies. One of his friends is Asia Agcaoili, known in Philippine showbiz as the outspoken sex guru.

Granted. But will the CPP allow the comrades in the guerrilla fronts to party with skimpily clad beautiful young women? Or will the leading organs impose disciplinary actions against the male comrades, the Red Fighters who have been away from their families to dare to struggle, dare to win the new democratic revolution?

This seems to be another example of an Animal Farm within our proletarian party. The partying in Utrecht goes against the grain of our organization's policy on relationship of the sexes. Indeed, the Chairman is more equal the rest of more mortals found in our veteran cadres.

Our Beloved Leader, our Fighters' Light and Beloved Warrior, is obviously beyond the reach of the policies he helped craft. Do as I say, not do as I do, as what one of contributors emphasized is the policy adopted by the Party vis-a-vis the Great Leader.


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