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Rand Paul: The REAL Anarchist

I'm just throwing this out there as my own personal theory. You can all either take it or leave it.
When people in general think of anarchists, what i'm sure comes to mind is this flipant, characiterized image of black-clad young mal-contents with their faces covered, throwing reactionary protests & smashing acouple of windows along the way. Anyone who gets most their info. from corperate, mainstream outlets surely believes this. To me, the concept of anarchism - so far as those "black-clad mal-contents" try & practise it - seems far more layered & multi-faceted than those simple media-driven characiterizaions. That would be [as far as i see it] a concept of direct local, vocal, physical action/distress wherein all "legal" avenues have been proven ineffective (which is typically the case in a so-called "legal" system where the game has already been thuroughly rigged). It is a concept of organization, stratigic planning, & direct community/citizen involvment with no "official" centralization or leadership. Anarchism, as [i'm guessing] practised by all self-proclaimed Anarchists in Portland/surrounding/beyond is a concept of [working towards] community betterment, self-policing, self-governing, & general self-awareness. All this sought to be achieved WITHOUT the burdons of religion, racism, classism, homophobia, mysogany, & corperate/media-induced mind-control (after decades of which has lead to a near complete product-placed, privatized, pacifying of the American populas) weighing down on it. This done also, with leadership/community-building skills, & opinions from historically malined groups (people of colour, women, gays, heathens, the young, poor, etc.) being represented at the front-end. To me, this is what modern anarchism ought to be striving towards. And if alittle property damage is accured along the way, then so be it. Please correct me if i'm wrong on any of this.

Rand Paul (son of Libertarial tool/phony Ron Paul) seems to represent Anarchism in every true, barbaric sense of the word. Ran Paul (who won KY's primary last week & whome nobody has heard of prior to two weeks ago) is such an obvious, nakedly obidiant whore for the "big business at any cost" idiology, he's such an "anarchist" that he feels that corperations/businesses should LITERALLY be allowed to do what ever the Hell they want. In the twisted, bizzarro-world according to Rand Paul (& i guess most self-discribed Libertarians/Neo-CONs), it's perfectly fine for corperations to dump millions of gallons of oil onto a landscape, creating an enviromental holocaust. It's perfectly fine for mining companies to murder it's own enployees & continue to operate, even after being cited HUNDREDS of times over the past few years. And if a private individual wants to take out PUBLIC loans to open up a business on a PUBLIC street, using PUBLIC UTILITES, placing ads in PUBLIC newspaper/tv/radio outlets, & place a sign in their window saying "NO NIGGERS ALLOWED", well that's that "private" business owners' personal choice & how dare some communist government goose-step it's way in telling "private" entenpanours that they can't openly descriminate against others. How DARE this communist, marxist, ObaMAOIST big govt. come in with it's "regulations" & "anti-discriminitory policies" stifling private interests & the "free market". Rand Paul is an anarchist for THE CORPERATIONS' Jesus/God-Given Right to do whatever the Hell it wants, to whome even it wants, regulations be damned! Ran Paul is also a White, Neo-Nazi piece-of-shit. people like him; these Libertarian Tea-Bagger types, they are the EXACT same low-down people who would've been yelling "NIGGER, NIGGER!" at a small group of black school kids as they were being escorted to class by the (socialist/big govt.) National Guard. After all, how dare the govt. step in & try to desegregate PUBLIC schools, right? The fact that this guy can't even answer a simple question with a straight answer as to whether he thinks the passage of Civil Rights laws was a good thing, ought to tell you everything you'd need to know about him. And the fact that Rand Paul would critizise Obama for critizing BP over it's OIL VOLCANO should tell you just what a mindless, reactionary whore for the "big business" idiology he truely is. When infact (in reality), the Obama administration bitches out shamelessly to BP, Trans-Ocean, & Haliburton over this enviromental holocaust that they've created! In a just world, a world perhaps more inclined to modern humanitarian anarchism (or atleast China) the execs./CEOs of these companies (& Massey Energy) would be arrested, tried, & most likely executed for Crimes Against Humanity & Earth.
But according to Rand Paul, the "free market" must absolutely have free reign & rule over ALL else, at any cost, no matter what! This, i contend, makes Rand Paul a TRUE anarchist - in every literal, brutal sense of the word. Except... as a powerful White man of privilage, it must be awfully easy for HIM to preach the absolute Rights & virtues of the "free market", since historically, HE'S not the one who's had to bare the mercilss brunt of the "free markets" advancement.

Just my opinion. I'm probably wrong, though.