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Move Your Money

The Sustainable Business Network of Portland, in conjunction with their "Buy Local" campaign, recently kicked off a complimentary "Bank Local" campaign. Yesterday, they held an event at Pioneer Courthouse Square to encourage people to "move their money" from global banks to local community banks and credit unions.
100s of people visited with local bankers from community banks and credit unions yesterday in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. The rain gave way to sunshine as The Lions of Batucada attracted and entertained the crowd while seven local banks and credit unions met with potential customers to assist them in finding a bank that matched their needs and values.

On hand were (Apologies to those I've omitted):

On-Point Community Credit Union
M Bank
Unitus Community Credit Union
Rivermark Community Credit Union
Albina Community Bank
First Tech Community Credit Union

At least two CEO's were on hand to speak directly with customers. Try speaking with the President of Chase or Wells Fargo sometime.

Where you choose to bank is one of the greatest leverage points you have as a consumer. Is your bank investing in the world you want to see?

The following types of accounts can readily be moved to a local bank:

Retirement accounts
Credit Cards
Merchant Services
Bank loans

homepage: homepage: http://moveyourmoney.info/