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Boycott BP! Buy no Gas From Bullshits Petroleum!

A nationwide boycott in U.S. of BP is taking off like wildfire, or like an oil slick, according to a British Newspaper. See BOYCOTT BP Facebook page.
Boycott BP. If you drive a car. Even if you drive a bike you can still boycott BP petroleum products. I would think boycotting BP was an act of self interest, since there is going to be a good chance there is saltwater in their gasoline. Not from the gas/saltwater mix currently being pumped from the deepwater horizon location -- but from the roving bands of boycott enforcers slipping squirtguns full of saltwater into gastanks while vehicals owners use the restroom, or pay in the "convenience store". BP puts oil in the marine umwelt, so saltwater returns to the gasoline. Poetic justice in my book.

BP talks only of the money they will throw around. First off, they probably won't actual pay more than penny's on the dollar for the damage. Talk big now, pay next to nothing later. They have learned from Exxon. Second, killing the turtles and dolphins and eleven humans is a crime. The BP execs should at a minimum serve some long prison sentences.

BP's "Brands" 22.May.2010 18:04



These are "brands"/subsidiaries of BP, according to the BP website.

Boycott BP Facebook Page Below 22.May.2010 21:29

Turle Island


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