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Boycott BP Arco and products

We have to do something to hold BP accountable for what's turning into the worst oil spill of all time! This is just a first step--and it's not like there's a good oil company--but I just signed a pledge to boycott BP for three months. You can join the boycott at www.BeyondBP.org and make at least a dent in the profits of at least one negligent corporation. My physical, economic, and mental/moral health depends upon maintaining my integrity and holding accountable those who otherwise would kill more people and ecosystems. In the west, BP is sold as Arco gas stations. BP also profits from the war against Iraqis and US taxpayers, the sale of plastics, Air BP ARCO Aluminum, Aromatics & Acetyls, Asphalt and bitumen. I boycott them when instead of using plastics, and other products sold by or using BP oil, I use glass or bulk, local, bike, foot, etc. I boycott BP when I don't use their toxic chemicals on my lawn or garden or in my home. Please post BP affiliates and products.
I happen to like the owner of my local Arco (BP) station and the immigrant family owning another Arco (BO in disguise), but I do not know another way to exercise the most power from my little income when I am still dependent on my car because of disabilities and kids, than to boycott BP's Arco stations. Please post more effective ways to make BP hurt when the political/economic system is in the favor of polluters/killers like BP, Halliburton, etc. I no longer have the money I once had in money markets and stock, and I already pulled my money out of the banks in favor of a local credit union.