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Roots of Radical Media at PSU next week

After a long hiatus the Portland Grassroots Media Camp/BMedia Collective have decided to restart the work we left off in September of 2008. We will be holding a mini PGMC next week at PSU that will act to support and build for the Cascadia Freedom Caravan that will be traveling to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum next month. Once we return the BMedia Collective will look to start a number community media projects including a larger PGMC in the fall. The caravan is still looking for donations to cover the costs of getting to Detroit, visit the BMedia website to make a contribution.

For more info visit:

email:  bmediacollective@gmail.com
The Portland Grassroots Media Camp in conjunction with Students for Unity present:

Roots of Radical Media: A forum and free workshops on the nature and purpose of radical media in student and community activism.

Portland State University Tuesday May 25th 2-7 PM and Wednesday May 26th 10:30 AM-4 PM

Schedule of workshops and panel discussions:

May 25th

The Role of Media in Community Development- Explore the use of art and activism through various forms of media.
2-3 PM SMU 296

Puppets in Action: Train the Trainer- Learn to build puppets for art convergences, use local supplies, teach others.
3-4:30 PM PSU Park Blocks

Visibility Through the Airwaves- Teach-in by Right 2 Survive Radio, a homeless run project on bottom up organizing through radio.
3-4:30 PM PSU Park Blocks

Looking IN Strategy session #1- Collectively visualize a community media network in Portland.
4:30-6:30 PM SMU 329

May 26th

Case Study in Venezuelan Media Activism- A discussion on community media in Venezuela as develpoment models for collaborative networks.
10:30AM-Noon SMU 327

Political Remix Videos- Learn new and old forms of media mashing and basic DIY techniques.
12:15-1:45 PM SMU 328

Nuts and Bolts of Print Media- Get the basics on how to make and distribute your own radical newspaper, while building networks of mutual support. Presented by the Alliance newspaper.
12:15-1:45 PM SMU 327

Looking OUT Strategy session #2- Set the agenda for Portland's presence at the Allied Media Conference in June.
2-3:30 PM SMU 327

BMedia Collective Film screening at 4810 NE Garfield
Film Shorts and special musical guests. 7 PM-10ish

homepage: homepage: http://bmediacollective.org