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10th Annual VillageBuildingConvergence

City Repair's 10th Annual VilageBuildingConvergence will be taking place from May 28th till June 6th in Portland, OR. Everyone is invited to participate for in the 31 community placemaking sites that will be in creation all across the city and beyond. Learn about cob and natural building, permaculture, public art, and much more as you help bring these communities projects from an idea into a reality!
10 Days of Creative Community Building Projects and Celebration! City Repair's 10th Annual VillageBuildingConvergence is taking place this year from May 28th to June 6th, with over 25 placemaking sites all over the city. We will come together to create benches, community kiosks, gardens, street paintings, tile mosaics, and more! Come join your neighbors as they bring to life the natural building, permaculture, and public art projects that they've been planning for the last 4 months. Volunteer at sites during the day and in the evening, gather at our central venue at 2800 SE Harrison for a healthy dinner, inspiring presentations from renowned activists, and musical performances to celebrate all that we've accomplished together. Learn valuable skills for urban sustainability and social regeneration while celebrating the creativity and diversity of our wonderful city! http://cityrepair.org/2010/05/the-10th-annual-village-building-convergence/ For tickets to the evening events and for more information, see cityrepair.org/vbc or contact vbc@cityrepair.org.

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