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The DREAM ACT is designed for military recruitment

The DREAM ACT, authored by Hatch and Lugar in 2006, exchanges citizenship to illegal aliens for service in the US military. It's a clever attempt to fool immigrants rights activists. IT MUST BE OPPOSED!!
I believe that many activists are being unwittingly drawn into a campaign cleverly designed to recruit to the US military. I had not followed this issue until I heard Democracy Now today which reported on the detention of 4 students (3 of them allegedly undocumented) by ICE after they sat in at McCain's office yesterday demanding that he support the DREAM act. The fact that these 3 have apparently (more on this below) sacrificed everything to support DREAM will be very inspiring to many people. It's probably no accident that this occurred in the midst of the anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona and the big movement that has come up against this.
Based on cursory reading on my part thus far, DREAM is the latest attempt to increase troop levels (since the push for mandatory national service by Rangel, McDermott, et al. has not yet panned out) by granting US citizenship if undocumented kids (latino, mainly) join the military. There are also other provisions in it about college financial aid, but I haven't studied these features. The $$ part appears to be window dressing and the meat is that people desperate for citizenship can get it by enlisting.
Amy Goodman, it should be noted, was completely favorable toward DREAM in March, and yesterday morning her stand appeared to be favorable as well, even though later in the show today she aired an excellent video on the immigrants rights movement. That's social democracy for you. The NYT had an editorial promoting DREAM today.
I don't know what's the deal with these 3 illegals who were arrested Monday. They may be very naive. I certainly would not rule out the possibility that they sat in because they were guaranteed immunity by helping start a pro-military movement. Also, how do we actually know that the 3 are actually illegals?
A bit of web searching gives me the impression that there is a well orchestrated campaign going on designed to develop pro-military sentiment among immigrant rights activists. This pisses me off. The US imperialist machine is in desperate need of cannon fodder as its empire disintegrates. They know that a straight-up military draft would be the best thing they can do to engender revolutionary consciousness. But here has been massive confusion on the left on this for years (and on many other issues) since some, because they of course want this consciousness to develop, tend toward favoring them draft. The main argument in favor of this has been that it would make military service more equitable since supposedly even the kids of the rich would have to fight. This is naive since the rich will always manage to be exempt (they're rich!). My perspective is that we must fight against the US imperialist war machine at every step i.e., if THEY (the capitalist class) decide that they need a draft, we oppose it. If they propose mandatory national service FOR THE SAME REASON, we oppose it. If they launch this phony DREAM shit, we oppose it.
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