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Northstar Infoshop seeks donations for radical community center!

Northstar Infoshop is a radical bookstore, free school, and events space opening in Spring 2011. We want to help cultivate a more flourishing radical community in Portland, but for that to happen we need the radical community to help us open our doors!
Northstar Infoshop is a radical bookstore, free school, and events space opening in Spring 2011.

Community Power
Our mission is to promote community independence, self-sustainability, and mutual aid, and to be a hub for grassroots projects and movements in Portland.

Radical politics, community activism, DIY and sustainable living, radical fiction, and more. Our store will feature a diverse array of titles, all with the common thread of changing the world.

Free School
We'll be hosting free workshops and skillshares for both kids and adults, organized and lead by people in our neighborhood. Screen printing, herbal remedies, peoples' history, storytelling circles, home brewing... The possibilities are infinite!

Social Center
Northstar will be a vibrant fixture of our community. Grab a cup of coffee, read a zine, and meet other like minded people! We'll be planning several big events each month, including author/speaker tours, film showings, fundraisers for local collectives, puppet shows, discussion groups, book clubs, and tons more.

We're opening a mini-bookstore with our friends at Copyleft Books in June 2010!

Northstar Infoshop is teaming up with Copyleft Books to open up a brand new radical bookstore in Southeast Portland!

The new store will use the Copyleft Books name, but will be a mix of our unique personalities. Not-for-profit and collectively run, the store will feature sliding scale pricing and a wide range of books on radical politics, sustainable living, and DIY skills, as well as vintage sci-fi, early edition radical literature, and rare fiction.

This is an awesome opportunity for us to work together and unite our talents, while allowing both of us to grow and strengthen!

Donate Today.


We're aiming to raise $5,000 by June 1st to help us open our brand new mini-bookstore. All it takes is 1000 people donating five dollars!

1000 people x $5 = a new rad bookstore in Portland!

If you appreciate our ideas and dreams, please consider donating. Northstar is going to be an amazing and vibrant hub for community power in Portland, and it's going to take the collective resources of our community to get us off the ground.

Donate online and say hello at:

Northstar Infoshop
Located @ Copyleft Books
833 SE Main #108
Opening June 2010!

homepage: homepage: http://www.northstarinfoshop.org
phone: phone: 503-935-1997
address: address: 833 SE Main #108

Radical community space 18.May.2010 14:18

ashes salsado@gmail.com

This all sounds awesome! But why not team up with folks who are already building this, Autonomy Hive is opening this month in Downtown Portland at 316 NW Everett and serves many of the same functions. Save time energy and help build something that is already happening. Get involved, we would love to see you there.

Autonomy 18.May.2010 22:39


Conveniently located just 1 block off from the bus/max mall downtown & close (but not too close) to First Thursday area. Easily accessible from all sections of the city. The building itself was once the Longshoreman Union Hall in the early 1900s & the Japanese community martial arts center in the '30s-'40s. Folks working on this are local Anarchists from the Portland community. I was born/raised here and have been an organizer for 12yrs. Your proposal for the social center is pretty much exactly what we've been doing(although not the bookstore part). We could always use more help & donations for materials for this colossal project! We have been working on the idea for a couple years & working on the building since May 1st(how appropriate, right?) & should be mostly done by mid-June. Resource features of Autonomy include: 5 affordable offices with large windows overlooking Chinatown(3 left available!), free wifi internet, 820sf private meeting/conference room, recording studio, radio station, large stage with dressing room & a backstage area(for performance arts, puppet theater, movies, music, etc.), a lovely talented & radical sound technician bad ass Molly Petite, large common space(for workshops, classes, fundraising, exhibition, etc.), kitchen(for Food Not Bombs, potlucks, dinner theater, tenant/volunteer meals, etc.), extensive tool library(donated from Circle A Contracting Collective LLC), free coffee(donated from the Red & Black Collective Cafe), smoking patio, & recreation area(with ping pong table & air hockey table). Oh and local radical queer activist/artist, Atomic, will be donating his talent to do a historical mural of notable Oregon Anarchists like the Isaaks & Marie Equi!
For updates, volunteer opportunities, work parties, our wish list, etc. check out our FaceBook page(until we get our website up & running)  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Autonomy-Hive/123714740978540?v=info&ref=sgm

A more formal Grand Opening announcement can be expected when the space is complete. In the mean time some functions of the space are available for use. Portland IMC radio station moves in this week(contact them to start a radio show)! Rose Hip Medic Collective training in June!