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The Important Thing is to Remove PetrolVees from the Roads

A PetrolVee is herein defined as a passenger car or truck fired and fueled by gasoline or Petroleum derived diesel.
1. Petrolvees Rule.

2. Our Duty is to End Their Reign.

3. Thereafter can flourish a sustainable trailway network throughout the Americas supporting healthy happy people, pedestrians, pets, wildlife, baby strollers, cyclists, and light pedal-electric four-season vehicles.

4. In the interim, energy-efficient, modest-sized electric cars and trucks are okay but the goal is to downsize step-by-step.

help 18.May.2010 10:16


can someone please remove this shit? jesus h christ!!!

The commentary sounds good to me. 18.May.2010 10:54


Reading it over, it seems fine.