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Minority Student Activists Protests College Costs.

This is a repost I think that it has a lot of good info to start to see the coming student movement. Check it out.

yada yada, but here's the real trouble 16.May.2010 00:01


really, minority students aren't having any harder time of it than other poor people.
What's really a tangible problem is that, this year the financial aid application closed the State app for most kinds of scholarships, VERY early. so, now a lot of people who weren't aware of it, cannot go to college, or finish their degree, because they thought the same old deadlines were in force. what's really dumb too, is that this situation will mean that many more people will default on their school loans, something the federal government does not need- since they guarantee them. if you can't attend, then you might not be able to defer, so you might have to default.