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In Regard to Media Involvement of Black Operations?

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I Believe your Article assertion? ...Or more Correctly ...Inquiry of Possibility maybe very accurate.

If we venture back to 2006, and revisit of all things, the reported teacher /slash Jon Benet Ramsey Murder Suspect that had fled to Thailand and caused such Media Fervor was pegged by me as another one of the "Media's" concocted false stories. These type of stories have very specific pattern in both context of information provided at the time, and the shattering of all probability.

These are the same stories that are produced By the CIA and Department of Defense to jerk Public Opinion or Attention toward or away from a subject of Public Interest. Their Scripted forays have brought us everything from the Soldier E-mails that get solicited on the Internet about the Military "Fighting the Good Fight", The Beheading of US Contractors in the Iraq War Zone, to the Murder Cover-up of Pat Tillman, or the Fort Hood Shooting.

Shoe Bombers to Underwear Bombers, they waste Million of Tax Dollars on the False Premise of Security Concerns. The Scripts all read like they were written by the Same "Show Producers".
Always hit all the Marks, answering even the "What if!" questions that no one asked for.

So? ...What does all this have to do with Thailand?

It has to do with the Event Timeline, and Logistics. What was the Story? ...and What happened Afterward?

First? ... The Breaking News of the Suspected Pedophile /Murder Suspect. Salacious in Content to Capture the Attention of the World. Shocking, and Hitting with an Urgency like Lightening. Tons and Tons of Photographic Equipment and Crews from around the world are Dispatched to Thailand where are would be Suspect has fled to seek refuge. The Story? ...a Complete Ruse. But what did it provide other than the Stimulation of the Mainstream Media Economy and the Sale of Rags and Newspapers?

It provided the Window of Opportunity for Black Operations Assets to be Deployed or Extracted from Thailand under the Disguise of the Media Commotion. The One thing about Appear to be Media, You are usually welcomed to places if there appears to be a need for Media Attention, and They are allowed Access like no other Individuals to sensitive areas without question of Why there is a necessity. It is the Ultimate Cover for Black Operations. Why sneak in through the Back? ...When You can Get Invited through the front Door?

Which comes to Our Timeline. August 20th, 2006. Enter Suspect John Mark Karr.

Big Story! ... Massive Influx of Air Traffic and Material Logistics Support for World Press to Get the Story.

Big Hullabaloo of Manufactured Bullshit and pans out that way after the Dust Settles back in the States.

What's Next?

September 19th, 2006. One Month to the Very Day, The Thai Army Stages a Coup D'etat of the Elected Caretaker Government with No Admonition by the United States Government. Why? Because it was a Sanctioned Operation. And the Media Event Provided the Cover.

If Any Other Government had Done the Same? ...There would have been Squeals of Outrage like hasn't been seen since the Rebuke of the Russian Retaliation for Georgia's attack on Ossetia.

So, When you can combine not only what you can see happening, and the subsequent reaction to those happenings? ...Then you can begin to formulate the motives. Who is going to Benefit from the Information? ...and then you will find your Culprits.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

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