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so.... this is not a facetious title or question.

What is it precisely that the police do?

I mean, what _good_ benefit or even basic function do they -- and even 'criminal justice' as a profession in general -- provide our country(ies) / society(ies) ?

as a private citizen I am simply baffled as to what earthly purpose the police serve, in both my daily life and this day & age. I have NEVER, _EVER_ had a need to 'call the police' ("on someone" or for my own "benefit" / protection). Then again, I may not be rich enough to have experienced such "need"...
please list your (yes you too Ossifer Frendly) well-researched and backed up responses below.

as a female 14.May.2010 22:33


who is alone in the house often at night, I have called the police before when someone was running around trying to get into the windows. I appreciated that someone stayed with me on the phone, and an officer came and looked around, and possibly scared the dude off, as they searched around the whole area. There are more times when I have felt threatened and have contacted or would have contacted the police if necessary.

As an activist however, I have found that officers are there to protect corporate interests, and will readily curtail your civil rights to do so.

If men would stop being rapists, batterers, and harassers of women, I would agree that I personally would probably not need to call them again.

as a femenist male 14.May.2010 23:45


2 days ago i heard a man beating a womyn in the house behind mine. i jumped over the fence, and put myself between them. she got in her truck and drove off. but before she left i told her where i live and gave her an open invitation to find me if she needed. i then had words with the pathetic man, and basically told him why it was a good idea not to ever do that again. i also told him that his neighbors would be alerted and we would all be on watch.
had the police been called they both would've been arrested and treated like shit for being poor, angry, and hyper emotional. it's very possible one of them would've been shot by a cop. then, back home the cycle begins anew with no intervention until cops are called.
i did several things that cops are not allowed to do and i am hopeful that will have an effect at the abusive home. a womyn in tht posistion should have a compassionate community backing her, not cops who are just there to enforce laws and maintain the cop/citizen power relationship. get to know your neighbors folks! break the silence.

Book suggestion 15.May.2010 02:32

Eeeeew cops

"Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America" by Kristian Williams. Traces the police back to origins. Heavily researched. Details the role of police in today's society (2005).

Never call the PIGS. 15.May.2010 09:03


You are better off taking care of the problem yourself. Pigs only cause death.

Stop calling cops pigs - 15.May.2010 09:35


you know better, speciesist asshole. Way to derail a conversation.

I don't know a neighbor I could call at 2am 15.May.2010 09:49


or so as someone's trying to break into the house. I'd also rather not feel indebted to the guy (which he'll help to promote), or have his girlfriend get pissed because they're being woken up at 2 to protect me, or have him get a big head as my "savior." I've experienced that before too. I'd rather call the police than deal with all that. Really I'd rather that men just stopped being violent, rather than being alternately in the role of abuser and savior.

And hey, sometimes there's no big guy around who wants to investigate your house at 2 am for you. And I don't want to feel like I have to bake you cookies or something the next day for being my big strong protector against some other guy. Women remain dependent in this scenario: If you live alone, better get to know some big guy in the neighborhood to protect you, and treat him well so you can call on him at 2 in the morning. No thanks.

maybe you're a cop... 15.May.2010 09:59


..who doesn't like to be called a pig. Well that won't stop me. Fuck all pigs.

Thank You for the first 3 comments 15.May.2010 11:08

i'm serious

me: understood completely and agreed, that men should stop being rapists, batterers, and harassers of women.

femenist male: yes this should be the way that we handle disputes among ourselves, as neighbors in community.

Eeeeew cops: thank you for the book suggestion, that is the kind of information and discussion I was seeking.

that's fine, 1070, 15.May.2010 15:46


but your ego is obviously more important to you than your cause.