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Apostleship of the Sea refuses to acknowledge royalties on fishermen isnt slavery

bring the crab rationzalization thieves to justice!
this company kills all the bycatch and even makes the workers eat pork instead of what they are forced to kill then throw  back....www.info@baranofcourageous.com

they had an unreported oil spill at fishermen's terminal (settle) in 1999 "when the local superior court got wind of the statute of limitiations they said to late to enforce!

december ,2008 )dutch harbor)=- same company who ownes f/v baranof (cape romanzof fishing co.) the employees were hunting and shooting local sea lions when they had a fuel transfer leak and didnt know as it flowed for 14 hours....to this day they still refuse the money owed to have the oil spill nets made!

december 2005- company employees found industrial oil floating in the king crab cooker tanks that hold about a 1,000 gallons of water in 220 degreee heat... company executives changed the boxes and sold the tainted crab to the yakima's farmers market july,2006

At present the f/v baranof is on its way to seattle for dry dock... locals are requested to email and verify what date and time of hour the f/v baranof will be passing through the "chittendam locks" bring chaines and signs that say,,, kick out the sellouts! ban and boycott akulurak seafoods and cape romanzof fishing co. and shutdown f/v baranof... commandeer the trawlers for oil spill response containment net deployment....save the real salmon runs ... blockade the cruiseboats $150.00 per passenger up front or no more cruiseline currency violation seasons of legislative treasons that deny local access to monopolized shelf spaces ...
Stop the bycatch killers
end slave labor
bring the crab rationalization thievz to justice
hempfest- seakayaktion-re legalize industrial hemp for oil spill containment nets !