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Just another day at the office
General Sawatdiphol dies- Fuller was as emotional as Mr. Spock on NPR
General Sawatdiphol dies- Fuller was as emotional as Mr. Spock on NPR
The Thai General who rebelled and sided with the protesters in Thailand's continuing political upheaval was shot in the head as he stood two feet away from one Thomas Fuller, a reporter for the New York Times. I heard Mr. Fuller giving a description of the event on NPR. For a guy who was just splattered with the blood of his interviewee, Mr. Fuller was light, humorous, even laughed at his own joke, and in general behaved in a manner totally unfitting for someone who had just gone through what to most people would be a shattering experience. Not for Mr. Fuller though. Just another day at the office for the "seasoned reporter". I'm not saying he's an intelligence agent that set the General, a true hero of the masses, to be shot down like a rabid dog, but you gotta wonder. The Times has the story today on it's front page, and yes, the author is the same Mr. Fuller. But when you actually read his article, the interviewing reporter is just referred to as "The Reporter", even though Mr. Fuller himself was that very reporter. Why is he referring to hiself in the third person in the article itself? I've never seen that one. Why isn't the story a "First Person Account"? The Times is famous for those. Why is Mr. Fuller and the Times burying the lead here? The See-eye-a wouldn't use reporters and journalists in foreign countries as AGENTS now, would they?

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