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Fire to the Prisons-Issue #9-Summer 2010

Fire to the Prisons Issue 9
Fire to the Prisons-Issue #9-Summer 2010

For this issue, we will be giving copies out for free to anyone who
requests them that is not a formal business.

All we ask is for you to pay the price of postage. Please let us know
if you would like to order hard copies of the newest issue, or any
other questions regarding distribution by contacting us at:

firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to download past issues in PDF form on our website as well:


We fully support the independent re-distribution of this magazine as
well, so feel free to print copies on your own if you do not want to
pay for postage.

Table of Content for Issue #9:

Pg. 3
The Kids are Not Alright
Pg. 6
May Day 2010:
SB1070 + Global Class Conflict
Pg. 16
The 2010 Olympics:
Our Final Report on a non-concluded tension
Pg. 22
Anti-Police Activity in the NW + Beyond
Pg. 29
Disaster in Haiti and Chile
Pg. 35
Regarding Recent Events in Greece
Pg. 41
Blast from the Past:
Two histories in agitation.
Pg. 44
Pg. 56
A Dialogue With Our Comrades in
An Interview with the Non-Fides Project
Pg. 72
A Chronology of North American
Prisoner Resistance
Pg. 76
Accounts of Agitation:
Ruptures in the social fabric.
Pg. 85
Updates in the Struggle Against
Grassroots Fascism Everywhere
Pg. 99
Against the Recuperation of Tragedy
A case against charity.
Pg. 104
Accept Nothing//Demand Nothing
A case against rights.
Pg. 106
Don't Be a Coward
Pg. 108
Eyes Blinking in the Face of the Infinite
Pg. 111
Links//Further Research
Pg. 115

Please if anyone is interested in donating, we could really use the
financial help. Please contact our email listed above if you are
interested in making a donation.

Link to download:

homepage: homepage: http://firetotheprisons.com