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A dog that has been seen at nearly every demonstration in Athens over the last two years has turned up again during the recent protests against new austerity measures.

Greek photographers capturing riot footage started to notice the pooch when he kept appearing in their negatives. Their photos show the mutt appearing at nearly every clash between angry locals and the police in Athens. Not surprisingly, he surfaced again during the recent protests during a nationwide strike.

The pup is seen in a variety of dangerous places: bravely lying down before lines of demonstrators, running at police, barking at riot cops prepared to shoot, and even dodging tear gas:
This spirited dog has been participating in Greek riots since 2008.

arf arf 14.May.2010 16:29


A dog actually got arrested recently during a demonstration. Maybe it's the same dog?

I hope someone's not 15.May.2010 09:38


actually taking him there. Animals don't belong at violent protests, any more than children do. They deserve love and protection, not to be put in the line of fire in human caused issues.