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Urgent! Police shooting!

1 police officer shot, 1 civilian dead!
here's the corporate media on it.

Portland police are looking into a shooting that involved a police officer this afternoon near Lloyd Center in Northeast Portland. Early reports are that the officer is at Emanuel Hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg.
One person is dead at the scene. Check back for all the latest on this story as it develops.


NE 6th and Halsey 12.May.2010 21:32


Traffic stop. African-American, male driver pulled a gun (allegedly) and shot officer in leg. Officers shot back, killed driver. Shot officer was taken to Legacy with non-life threatening injuries. Names are not being released yet. Most of this info coming from a combo of corporate news sources, so who knows... more to come.

Mainstream news video: 12.May.2010 22:19


This is the only news coverage I could find that was even a little bit newsworthy, ie. not all one sided about the cop being the "victim."

 link to www.kgw.com

Arrest! 12.May.2010 23:23


Just called in: One arrest on MLK and Hancock St, possibly taken to NE Precinct. 11:20pm

2 more cited, not arrested 12.May.2010 23:32


Two more people cited, not arrested on NE 8th and Hancock.

current police harrasments 13.May.2010 01:00


Three cited one arrested currently know of

Officer Cody Berne racial profiling case 13.May.2010 14:47


pic of Officer Cody Berne 13.May.2010 23:32

why would I give you my name?

Officer Cody Berne, was one of the officers who fired at the victim, according to police press release. He is the cop all the way on the right in the picture.
Cody Berne on right
Cody Berne on right

Adams, the ball is in YOUR court now! 14.May.2010 17:23

Damos Abadon

I can't believe this shit happened again! It's as if this were the Portland gestapos' way of reacting to Adams firing Sizer & [finally] taking control of the PPB!