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Lone Vet Report

A busy week and the Council
I do relax from time to time
I do relax from time to time
Once again it has been a busy week; last Saturday we had our first meeting to read the new play, "Satan's Crisis." This was the first draft and many changes will happen as we meet and read the play. The next reading will be on Saturday May 22 and so it goes. If you are interested about the play e-mail me and I will let you know, the play will not be ready for general distribution for a month or so. It is an indictment of humanity, religions, and politicians as we face the end of our world. Satan's pissed because if our world ends he will not exist. He calls Earth his supermarket of souls. Then there is our City Council and the decision to kick *Houseless people to the gutter.

The Vote was 4-0 in favor of marking an 8ft pathway for pedestrians to move on the sidewalks. The distance is going to be from the face of the building 8 feet out towards the gutter. This will allow a cop to tell someone sitting against a building to move or be ticketed; isn't that special. There were 30 to 40 people, some representing groups, who testified this new ordinance was not acceptable in its present form, there were only 2-3 who thought it was workable. It was obvious to the people who took the time to attend this meeting that the fix was in. I was not going to testify but I was so pissed off that I told the three who were still present, (Leonard and Saltzman were hiding) not to go home and think they did something good, they didn't and it will cost the city in money and trust.
I was very disappointed in Amanda Fritz.
This new piece of work by this council is a shame and we will all pay for it down the line, to give our troubled police force any more tasks at the moment is just asking for trouble. I am not going to go into all the arguments against this new way to push people, who are on the streets, out of the way of making a buck. Sisters of the Road, ACLU, Cop Watch were all against or had serious concerns about the new ordinance. I hope there are demos against this nasty thing, Individuals for Justice will join any protest, just post it and we will come.

We also continue our vigil in front of the 9th Circuit at Pioneer Courthouse on Thursday at high noon demanding the removal of Judge** jay bybee. This is a coordinated effort to keep a presence at all four courthouses until this monster is removed from the court. More info on this, start at: www.IndividualsForJustice.org
The fun part of the week was going to support Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 at Mississippi Pizza. Great music, beer and good pizza, (being from NYC I am a pain when it comes to pizza.) We had a good time and laughed some. This was a fundraiser to get some loot for the Peace Memorial, so that was good. I forgot about Nader.
We went to see Ralph Nader last Saturday night and as always he is a good and concerned man who never stops fighting for Justice. He made one statement that I really liked; knowing how bad things are is not enough---you must do something to help change the way things are. He stands for and against most of the things that I do, I first met him in 1972-3 in San Diego and he has not changed much. He also talked about something that is very important, the New Progressive Party of Oregon. This could be a great political party, take a look see:  http://progparty.org/
I changed my registration from Independent to Progressive, so when you hear democrats tell progressives, "You got no place to go, so shut up" you can smile and say,OH---but there is a place for people who are against this madness in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, and maybe Iran. Someday we will have a government who will fight for Single Payer, have a $10 minimum wage, opposes NAFTA, clean energy, oppose offshore drilling etc, etc---and that my friends is not the dems or the republicans. "If you are a member of the Pacific Green Party or the Oregon Working Families Party, then you are already registered with a good progressive organization that also needs to maintain sufficient membership." From Ralph Nader

So, the battle goes on, do something today and every day to bring us closer to Justice and Peace and in that order.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
Veterans Against Torture
VVAW, USN 1962-71
Some months ago I used the word "Homeless" and was corrected to use the word "Houseless." That's a good criticism because they have very different meanings.

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

online form to mail in for registering 20.May.2010 18:24

joe anybody

To change your registered voting party or to register to vote you can use this link to download the required form

Fill it out and mail it in

There is information on their website regarding Identification Requirements

Its an easy way to change your party registration


.... Im just saying
Hope n Change
Hope n Change