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City Club Forum: Nuclear Power in a Carbon-Regulated World

"The City Club Friday Forum topic for May 14th is 'Nuclear Power in a Carbon-Regulated World'. Nuclear power generation is attracting renewed attention worldwide. Developing nations such as China and India are focusing on nuclear power in their quest for new sources of energy." (From City Club Website)
(Continuing from City Club Website)

"Developed nations, already consumers of large amounts of energy, need more for growing demand and replacement of plants that emit carbon dioxide."

"On May 14, City Club welcomes Paul Lorenzini, Chief Executive Officer of NuScale Power, an Oregon company seeking to commercialize a small nuclear reactor design developed at Oregon State University. Mr. Lorenzini will explain why nuclear energy will likely play an ever greater role as our nation and the world seek to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. He will address concerns, such as the safety record of nuclear energy, and will describe how his small local business is influencing the future of nuclear power."

Nuclear is not the answer. Energy efficiency and rapid mass deployment of renewables is.

But if we don't speak up, nuclear may be what we'll get (although in Oregon they'll have to overturn a constitutional amendment passed by Oregonians in the 90s that prevents nuclear plants here until the waste storage issue is solved).

But the well paid nuclear lobby is back in force, telling their same old stories.

It's not just the lack of storage, or the uninsurable risk, or the siting problems, or the cost, but uranium is a finite resource too. We only have about 40-50 years of that left. Why invest billions in another technology with all these problems? Because a few influential people can make a lot of money on it is why. But that's not a good enough answer.

Solar energy is INFINITE and FREE and its development will create lots more local economic development.

Short video On Success of Feed-in Tariffs in Germany


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