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Oregon Outfitters Cater To Sadists

Outfitters in Eastern Oregon offer off-season hunts to kill unlimited numbers of unprotected animals, using dogs to tear apart coyotes, badgers and whatever else they can find.
A Burns, OR outfitter, Shooters Services Unlimited, is advertising a SPRING PROMOTION: "Spring Promotion"!!!!!!! We are booking our spring ,combination varmint hunts, these hunts are for unlimited coyotes,(with or without dogs), badgers, jackrabbits, and high volume (300 to 500 per day) rat shoots." These hunts use dogs to chase down and kill coyotes, rabbits and badgers. Outnumbered by the dogs, they are cornered and torn apart. Their clients can kill as many "varmints" as they can find, including hundreds of prairie dogs ("rats") in one day. Hunting continues day and night. This is a sport? It's a sadistic slaughter! It also has the full approval of the ODFW. Visit Shooters Services' website at http://www.shootersservicesunlimited.com/. Read the "testimonials," look at the photos, then contact your legislators and ask them to stop this!