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Fight against Port of Portland controlled by foreign fascists

Do all you can to stop the Port of Portland Commission deciding Wed., May 12th to outsource all our national security, jobs, environmental protections, local and regional economy, and local safety/survival to a fascist, anti-worker, anti-environment, Philipines company,
International Container Terminal Services Inc., that works with the military's genocide and CIA attacks on democratic, local-rule activists, and profited from the earthquakes/tsunami, just like the expected Portland earthquakes. Do not allow Terminal 6 to be controlled by foreign corporatists who are not accountable to and do not care about our state and the state of our survival.
Terminal 6 is the only container processing port in Oregon that controls what vehicles, grain, produce, lumber products, etc. go between Portland or the state and the rest of the world by ship, rail, truck.

The importance of the Port of Portland to US security, economy, Pacific coast environment, just downstream from where drones are built that have attacked and killed hundreds of innocent civilian Pakistanis and Indonesians dozens of times this year.

near location of mapped radioactive plume mapping for exercises for TOPOFF 4 martial law/terrorist drill to go live like the drills for 9-11, London bombing, Madrid bombing, Mumbai bombings, etc.
 link to www.amfirstbooks.com

The radiation spread from a hypothetical 10-kiloton ground burst in Portland, Oregon is depicted on page 9 of The Day After: Action in the 24 Hours Following a Nuclear Blast in an American City by Ashton B. Carter, Michael M. May, and William J. Perry. This is a report from a April 19, 2007 workshop hosted by The Preventive Defense Project, Harvard and Stanford Universities.


Plans to outsource national security and Oregon jobs to a company from a country known for human rights abuses, genocide, fascism, with those resenting Americans attacking, raping, killing, corrupting their people.





 http://www.shipid.com/news/ ICTS Inc. has numerous complaints against it by various countries, labor unions, environmentalists, civil liberties, human rights, and other activists. They are corrupt and cruel.