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New Content on PDX IMC Radio

A list of new content that you can stream is available in the text of the article. To get your own show o publish audio content send an e-mail to "pdx-audio(at)lists.resist.ca" with the subject line "RADIO" preferably. Check out the link to the radio page on this article.

New Show

  • NEW - Show From 05-09-2010 - Description: Random show tonight. To include but not limited to: Television, Avail, Action Patrol, Adelitas, Comadre, Dillinger Four, Discount, Hostage Life, Submission Hold, Des Ark, Songs For Emma, The Have Nots, Jawbreaker, Amanda Woodward, Rivethead, The Rudiments. We don't talk too much. Mostly music.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxradio.shtml