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Books To Prisoners Seeks Home

Our project space is in question, so we are looking for a possible alternative site. Got one?
Adopt a project! Portland Books to Prisoners might have to move because our space (someone's garage) could change hands in the coming months - this part is sketchy. We are not asking for much; just a free room in a structure of some type. Ideally, it will have a light we can turn on and access to a nearby restroom facility, be dry, tolerable for people to work in, and available to go in and out of with books - occasionally. Our project meets one evening per week - say 5-8pm, on Tuesdays. We would be practically un-noticeable! Books to Prisoners volunteers are well-behaved, honest, respectful of others and we clean up after ourselves. The project space would be used for book related activities; reading letters, putting together orders, wrapping, etc. We would need to be able to house a couple of tables, bookcases and boxes of packages in it. Generally, between 2-12 volunteers show up to help out on Tuesdays, with the average number being 5, or 6. What we do is not conducive to obnoxious behavior, nudity, or embarrassing displays motivated by substance impairment - you would certainly not have to worry about any antics of that sort!
If you think you might have a spot where we could discreetly meet and do our important work, please let us know ASAP. Email us with "I Have a Great Idea" in the subject line to:  pdxbookstoprisoners@riseup.net or you can also call Suna: 503-659-0268
Portland Books to Prisoners is a local all-volunteer, not-for-profit project that sends books free of charge to people in prison throughout the US - and sometimes further afield. Please help us out!

homepage: homepage: http://www.bookstooregonprisoners.org/index.htm