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Government Spook at University of Washington

Another government spook lurks at UW.
Cynthia Matuszek
Cynthia Matuszek
Given the recent infiltration of an activist group at UW by a government agent, I think it prudent to point out that there are other government agents on campus, some with backgrounds much more troubling than the recent incident involving a local cop. UW is also home to Cynthia Matuszek, "a third-year graduate student in the University of Washington's Computer Science and Engineering department". It is important to know Cynthia's background and to keep an eye out for her, as any activist or dissident organization that comes in contact with her may find themselves under the view of dark agencies within the US Government.

Mr. Matuszek's previous employer engaged Cynthia as the manager of a project whose purpose was to wage cyber warefare upon "enemies of the US Government." This is not documented on their web page about her, but it is known first hand by the author. In that capacity, Ms. Matuszek worked in collaboration with the NSA, DARPA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and other military agencies. She actively participated in the online harassment and stalking of Arab/Muslim and anarchist websites. I find it ironic that she worked with UW's "CSE Security and Privacy Research" group as her entire background has been built on violating privacy.

If you see this woman on campus, I suggest you avoid her. If she shows up for any politically related activities, you should show her the door.




homepage: homepage: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/cynthia/