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Bogus Numbers

The state and even so called unbiased think tanks create false numbers, giving deflated ideas of what composes a livable wage
You Do the Math.

At one time if the government released false numbers the public would yell until the correct figure were released. That may have been in the 60's and 80's when we had Watergate, and Irancountra or what ever the last scandal was released by the NEWS. In the 1990s and 2010 the media seems to be in league with government.

These figures are on the internet, for anyone to find. But you would need not a degree in math but only use logical thinking and realistic figures. The definition I use, as ordinary citizen working to prevent homelessness, Is an level of living which pays an adequate standard of paying all REAL Basics.  http://www.maine.gov/labor/lmis/livableWage.html

One where all the basics of life are covered , and a bit more like savings for repairs of washer, car, home. Where it's not just the Emergency Budget food level, forever. Stuck into a lifetime plan. The budget food level is meant to be a temporary level of food used for under a year. Yes $199 a month for one will feed a person. But this is not including the actual costs of fresh fruits and vegetables. it is sugar and flour. The American budget diet is reasonable for Obesity. It is a long term diet of noodles and cakes. With non nutrient can veggies thrown in.

Livable wages figured by some state officials are not humane, and unrealistic. HUD the federal housing department, sets the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in Maine at $601 a month. The average apartments., rates, appearing in the newspaper are around $725 In Mid Maine $900+ a month in southern Maine . Yet one of the government laughably call livable wages in Maine start at $582 in the furthest northern county. Wait, that is for both RENT/UTILITIES. So its $113 under the HUDs standard for rent alone.

Not only should rent and utilities not be lumped together. In a county by county budget, it should not be the same price in every county to buy Clothing, Household goods and personal care items $179 a month seems good for one person. Then a child with diapers or sneakers and a growth spurt every year, it goes up to $185 a month. so me a child who only costs $6 a month? This price as transportation, remain the same through out all counties in Maine. It seems the mathematician, found one figure and used the same equation for most of the 16 counties.

Outlandish is the idea this amount buys an apartment, plus heats, and electric , is even fit for human habitation. For a two bedroom electric is at least $45 a month. Oil at its cheapest is $150 a month.

Costs also depends if you live if you are in rural sparely populated Aroostook county or in Metropolitan Southern Maine. My suggestion is to Have whom ever sits behind the desk making up these foolish deflated formulas Actual go to the field and try to rent an apt. at their under valued rates.

Common sense tells one there REAL livable wage should not It should include repairs and a movie ticket a month, or some limited entertainment. A health club membership. A Real livable wage should not be defendant on CUB health coverage for health insurance in Aroostook.

Depending upon government support, does not make the threshold of a truly livable wage.

We need to use common sense, and simple math, plus an iota of logic to question the amount governmental leader provide us as gospel. Recall the saying Question Authority in the 1970's. Now the saying is the authorities are Gods and can not do anything wrong

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