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Support Antifascists Arrested Protesting Neo-Nazis at San Francisco May Day Celebration

At San Francisco's May Day celebration this past Saturday, assorted right-wing and neo-Nazi counter-demonstrators - including members of the Bay Area National "Anarchists" - a white supremacist group who have attempted to hijack leftist and anarchist aesthetics and rhetoric to push their tribalist, racialist and anti-Semitic agenda - were present on the sidewalk in front of City Hall when the pro-immigration march arrived at Civic Center Plaza.
Demonstrators tried to minimize the Bay Area National Anarchist's
(BANA) neo-Nazi present, trying to both shout them down and block
their signs so their hateful rhetoric would neither be seen or heard.

In the end, two antifascist activists were arrested after members of
BANA pulled weapons on the antifa and attempted to assault them.
Showing their true colors, police rushed in to defend the neo-Nazis
and arrest the antifascists.

Initially, bail was set at an unreasonably insane amount of $210,000.
Today (May 5th), both people were finally arraigned, and bail was
reduced. Unfortunately, each person is still facing 5 felony charges -
4 counts of assault and 1 count of robbery - and bail, while reduced,
is still very high - $75,000 each.

People on the ground in San Francisco are asking anyone that can to
please send money so we can bail our comrades out of jail. The best way to
send donations is via Paypal to  paypal@freemfone.org. You can also send
well-concealed cash or checks or money orders (please leave the "pay to" section
blank) to:

Kelsey & Dee Support
3030b 16th street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please feel free to send letters of support to this address as well -
we're sure Kelsey and Dee woud love to hear from you!

For more info on opposing BANA, visit:

For more information on the stupid "philosophy" that is National
Anarchism, visit:

For some background on anarchism, visit: