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Portland Police write, distribute childrens book

The Portland police, with help, have written a book titled "Portland Police Bureau: A Kid's Guide to What We Do"
The Portland police, with help, have written a book titled "Portland Police Bureau: A Kid's Guide to What We Do"

Police officers have copies of the book, which is without a doubt blatant propaganda, and are giving them out to local children to keep.

"The readership level is K-3."

While one might be tempted to see this as a somewhat silly way to try to rebuild community support, it nonetheless poses a real danger to community cohesion and safety to have kids getting a simplistic, overly sympathetic view of the cops spoon fed directly to them.

The police are no doubt counting on the idea that even if the general social climate is against them right now (consider recent city polls showing incredibly low trust in the Police), with the right kind of early "education" they will be able to count on more solid support again in the future.

Just as parents should in general foster a climate of open communication with their kids about the risks of things like drugs, they also need to keep dialogue open with regards to what the cops REALLY do: hurt community members and get away with it.

Talk to your kids about the cops, because if you don't, then the cops surely will.

Also, those community groups who have the facts on who the cops really are and what they really do should seriously consider writing up some books geared towards the k-3 crowd themselves.
Obviously it can be difficult explaining concepts that are in reality both complex and harsh to young children in terms that are appropriate, but it's not impossible.
Certainly radical parents have been wishing for more radically truthful children's books for ages, perhaps this is the perfect catalyst for radical authors to get creative and get writing.

Spoof It! 06.May.2010 10:55


Would anyone have access to a copy or be able to tell me where I can obtain one?
I would be interested in collaborating with others to create a spoof of this book.

In times like this a little mockery can go a long way!