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Rose City Antifa meeting with Tim Titrud
Invitation by Tim Titrud 04.May.2010 08:48

"I am would like to invite 3 or 4 members of the rose city antifa for lunch and drinks at my favorite bar. It would be my treat. It would be a chance for us to see each other as real people. I know we may not agree on every issue and that is OK. This is America and we have the freedom to disagree. I think the worst that would come out of it is that in the end they will find me not to be a great enemy of theirs." - Tim Titrud

i am wondering if the antifa is willing to take up this offer by tim titrud.

in the past i was impressed by the local antifa, but i have lost respect for it as of lately,
because it is reminding me of the "we don`t negotiate with terrorists" adage.

titrud should have been allowed into the meeting at the unitarian church,
because to not allow him to attend was based on assumptions that he would be a distraction.
what if titrud sat through the meeting and never said a single word.

titrud suggests 3 or 4 members of the rose city antifa meet with him.
i would love to be a fly on the wall during that meeting.

it is getting quite disconcerting to read some of the bombastic comments on this website in regard to the meeting at the church. i was at the meeting and i think the antifa gets too emotional to remain open minded enough to allow free speech at times, and that is a dangerous precedent for us, especially if the rose city antifa wants to maintain its good reputation and support from those of us who appreciate its vantage points.