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Portland police hangout spot attacked by anarchists

Portland police hangout spot attacked by anarchists
The NE Portland Police favorite hangout, the Starbucks on 15th and Fremont lost a
little bit of its ambiance last night. Namely every single window we could reach
got smashed out. Starbucks was chosen for a myriad of reasons: their union-busting
activity, the exploitation of indigenous community of coffee growers, their support
for neo-liberal trade policies, just to name a few. This location in particular was
chosen because every time we pass by it, it's filled to the brim with Portland
Police, who are still fucking murderers, in case you forgot.

You were working yourselves up to predict what we were going to do on Mayday, but we
weren't even there. May 4th, the day of the Haymarket bombing, is the day we chose
to attack. Just consider yourselves lucky, that you got off alot easier then some of
your predecessors.

No peace for the capitalists,
No lattes for the cops!

Anarchist Glazier Collective