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Racist/Fascist Stickers in SW Portland

Racist stickers showing up in SW Portland.
Racist/Fascist stickers advertising the National Alliance ( http://www.natall.com) have been spotted in SW Portland. Here are two from SW 14th Ave. Antifa be on the lookout!

--- 04.May.2010 09:59


Yeah, these things are everywhere. Recommendation: pick up some Rose City Antifa stickers at your local anarchist establishment and slap them up on over.

Here too... 04.May.2010 12:45

Damos Abadon koldphraust@hotmail.com

I'm very glad someone made a tread about this. I live in the Belmont neibourhood, around the 30th blocks. This shit is all over my area, too. Up & down Belmont, Hawthorne, & Burnside from the 40th blocks down to Grand atleast. Thankfully, they get scratched or marked out right away. I certainly hit that shit when-ever i see 'em. But i pretty-much have to check the phone boothes & bus stops whenever i pass by 'em. Every week i see an average of two - three new stickers.

The thing is, $6 will buy 100 of 'em. So ONE person can easily blanket the city for very cheap. Plus, you'd have to send off only to Hillsboro to get 'em. It's always done under cover of night (bitch-asses). But just let ME catch 'em in the act!