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Video: We All Agree, No LNG

Video from a recent rally at Portland Oregon City Hall, where Oregon LNG was being investigated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for misconduct and abuse of stakeholders in the permitting process to site Liquefied Natural Gas facilities on the Skipanon Peninsula in Warrenton, Oregon.
Video of FERC Hearing
From Oregon LNG Website:

"Oregon LNG proposes to construct, own and operate a liquefied natural gas import facility (also known as a regasification facility) located on the Skipanon Peninsula in Warrenton, Oregon. The Oregon LNG project has been designed to include a marine receiving terminal, three full-containment 160,000 cubic meter LNG storage tanks, and facilities to support ship berthing and cargo offloading."

"Upon completion, expected in early 2013, the terminal will operate as a tolling facility, leasing regasification capacity to industry partners. Oregon Pipeline, an affiliated company, is planning the construction of a 120-mile pipeline, which will connect to the regional pipeline hub in Molalla, Oregon."

Opposition to this project is strong and diverse, from environmentalists, to land owners, local businesses, sports and commercial fisherman, and citizens in general who believe, for many reasons, that this proposed project is a bad idea for the local area and for Oregon in general.

One Earth Day 2010, FERC brought in a judge to hear testimony from those who filed complaints with their agency and from Oregon LNG, who denied any wrong doing.
Over 75 people met at 12:00 noon on a week day to voice their opposition to both this project and to another site, proposed for Bradwood Landing, on the Columbia River near Astoria Oregon.
At these sites natural gas, liquefied in other parts of the world will be received, regasified and transported via pipe line, through the countryside and across the Mt. Hood National Forest National forest, necessitating a 47 mile long clear cut.
The Palomar pipe line through the National Forest was just one of many reasons why the community gathered at City Hall to oppose these projects. Another, landowners object to the compulsory purchase of their land.

This video is about 18 minutes in length and features interviews with affected landowners, concerned citizens, environmental groups, and folks who use the river for fishing and recreation.

Video of Rally at FERC Hearing

homepage: homepage: http://www.columbiariverkeeper.org/index.php/lng