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Public Hearing: We Demand Clean Air, Not More Acid Rain From Boardman

Department of Environmental Quality considering Boardman coal fired power plant acid rain air permit renewal with public hearing.<BR>
Citizens to gather at Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) headquarters to ask for clean air, not more acid rain from Portland General Electric.
WHAT: Public hearing on the future of the Boardman coal-fired power plant. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is taking public comment on the Title V "Acid Rain" operating permit for Portland General Electric's Boardman coal-fired power plant.

WHO: Students with the youth climate movement, concerned members of the public

WHEN: Tuesday, May 4th 6:30 pm

WHERE: DEQ Headquarters

Conference Room EQC-A (10th floor)

811 SW 6th Ave Portland OR

VISUALS: People with "Coal-Free Oregon" t-shirts and signs.

BACKGROUND: Portland General Electric (PGE) operates Oregon's only coal-fired power plant located in Boardman, Oregon. The Boardman Coal Plant emits 5 million tons of carbon dioxide, over 15,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and over 200 pounds of mercury every single year making it a major source of air pollution in the Gorge, and Oregon's largest stationary source of global warming pollution.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now reviewing a "Title V" operating permit that would allow PGE's Boardman plant to continue polluting our environment and harming our health. This permit is an opportunity for DEQ to require full compliance with the Clean Air Act by requiring the best available pollution control technology at the plant. These costly measures could force PGE to close by 2014.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sierraclub.org/coal/or/default.aspx

Coal Kills Salmon Runs 04.May.2010 13:38


COAL PLants like this kill salmon runs--

Not Sea-lions or Cormorants