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Defend Capital: American Apparel Fans Fight Anarchy

Reposted from infoshop.org
Anti-Capitalist Movement

On May 1, the police arrested 5 persons of seemingly anarchist descent on suspicion of hooliganism after 3 patrons of the SoHo American Apparel bravely responded to a broken window by threatening to "fuck everyone up" and then just calling the cops. We were those brave patrons. This is a call to defend capital.

This is a call to all of my well tanned, gym going, condo owning/leasing brothers and sisters to defend the stores we love from a rising tide of anti capitalism. To all wall street analysts, advertising professionals, celebrities, journalists of a certain caliber, famous chefs, legacies, and confused members of the middle class. Do you want your luxurious lifestyle to go away? Your Gaps and American Apparels? Your i Phones and i Pads? Do you want to be equal to the guy who makes your latte? No?

Then Defend Capital!

Cause thats what these anarchist or communist or whatever the fuck they are punks want.

So Defend Capital from gross crust punks that are always ruining my day by asking me for change. Defend capital from shoplifters and worker sabotage (snitch on your coworkers!). Defend Capital from student protesters, insurgents, and all the other terrorist assholes on the news. Defend Capital from its own youth, who've learned to hate it with a special passion.

But most importantly, be prepared to Defend Capital from those who have none, because they are coming for us...

- Defend Capital

Video of the American Apparel defense:  http://www.youtube.com/defendcapital

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/defendcapital

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