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meeting on Willamette falls sea lions

Monday May 3rd 530-7 pm there will be a meeting about the Willamette river sea lions in Oregon city.
On Monday May 3rd at Providence Willamette Falls community center, 519 15th street Oregon City 530-7 pm there will be a meeting about the growing "problem" sea lions at Willamette falls. The meeting is being advertised to sport fishing groups as how to "save you sport salmon from the sea lions". The hazing has already begun and this meeting is the next step. The sport fisherman will be well represented at this meeting, the sea lions need a voice there as well.

DETAILS 03.May.2010 17:56

sea lion

Monday, May 3, 2010 at 5:30-7:00 pm

Providence Willamette Falls Community Center,519 15th Street, Oregon City 97045

And there will be a lot of ignorant fucks there who think sea lions are not native to this region, and that it's somehow the sea lions and not the fishermen who are killing off the salmon species.

we like to kill 03.May.2010 20:38

a fisherman

we like to kill
it gives us a thrill
besides, it's god's will
kill the coyotes
kill the bears
kill the wolves
kill the seabirds
kill kill kill
blood everywhere
leave the bodies in the rivers
so other sea lions can see
that's the kind of people we are.

The Final Solution 03.May.2010 20:40

sea lions

Boy, you aren't kidding. David Hunt was just there to rally the troops. Beware anyone reading this--they want to purge all Oregon rivers of sea lions--then they want to start on the birds and other predators. They are truly bloodthirsty morons with no concept of an eco-system. All Oregonians who respect nature need to be aware that this is happening.

Human Predation Kills Salmon Runs 06.May.2010 10:43

sea lion

David Hunt is bought and sold representative and he is in the pocket of sport fisherman--which is a sham because--that means he is not working for the people or environment, but special interests group who have only their sport of killing salmon in mind-

ƒŽ Sport Fisherman”¦s short sighted plan of killing sea lions- will STILL NOT restore the salmon runs. Humans far out number Sea lions and human predation and habitat destruction are a few of the main causes for the decline of the salmon-- there are far more humans who kill for sport than sea lions who kill for sustenance.

ƒŽ HUNT and SPORT fisherman advocate for the Killing of all wildlife that compete for "their salmon," and that is what sport fisherman call- salmon ”§THEIR salmon”Ø”XGEE I thought salmon is a part of an eco-system and provides food for many wildlife as natures intent and all life respected ”V But NO”X

ƒŽ For mere SPORT --David hunt(bought and sold politician) and-- sport fisherman advocate Killing sea lions and cormorants or anything else that may get in the way of SPORT fisherman themselves killing off an endangered species of salmon

ƒŽ Humans are the cause of salmon decline and with the idiotic plan of killing majestic sea lions who kill for sustenance because they have NO choice, and accelerating the fishing quotas so more salmon can be killed for mere SPORT is a disservice to the environment, the salmon, the sea lions, and the people who deserve a fair representation from politicians”X

ƒŽ But David Hunt has been clearly caught and sold to the highest bidder which appears to be SPORT fisherman lobby”Xand all other majestic creatures must starve or die because crooked politicians and sport fisherman feel like they own all the salmon in the rivers, and they feel they have the RIGHT to shoot and kill any majestic creatures that gets in the way of their sport.