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Speaker Pelosi had Oil Spill Net lawsuit delayed

the u.s. federal judge ricardo martinez threw out a court case about oil spillers from hong kong didnt have to pay oil spill containment equipment becuz they werent u.s. citizens...
Speaker Pelosi was put on the witness list for finding out why the u.s. govt cant enforce its own laws on flags of convenience offhore shipping companies regarding a u.s law "33 c.f.r. " oil spill mitigation equipment" responsibility...when the selendang ayu dumped 130 million pounds of 'OIL TAINTED" beans from 335,000 gallons of heavy bunker fuel ...they refused to bring containemnt nets to keep the soybeans from swirling in underwater currents... 10 months later they spilledd more oil and debris and still no nets..then they promised the forced out of market fishermen in december 2006 then lied to u.s.attorney and coast guard about promising to take of responsiblities then got a premature plea deal then said "were off the hook and will take our chances in court" 3 months later those nets were needed for the oil spill from the m/v cosco busan ( in speaker pelosi district)_ same law firm for offshore shipping oil spillers who used not u.s. citizen excuse to trick federal judge to agree they didnt have to pay for the oil spill containmetn equipment... then another spill in same speaker pelosi distric m/v dubai star...then a couple spills in alaska.. now this spill that desperately needs those nets but our govt refuses to enforce our laws to have the nets made becuz the companies who were supposed to already have these nets refuse to pay and always have a senator or congreesss to insure that the law isnt enforced on them..to prove business friendly.. obama gave the only offshore drilling control to another foreign dependence on more unnecessary oil in a much more rough seas area while refusing to give back the 80 million lease fee to the dutch .. shell is owned by the dutch and the dutch just pulled thier measly 300 troops from n.a.t.o. suport while accomodating the drug trade routes that undermine our 1st world progress.. why do they get to mince words as if obama didnt give monopolized control to foreign courtry govt businesses incapable of drilling in real open oceans the gulf of mexico is a pond compared to the north pacific bering sea ( 100 mile an hour every season ) in the arctic ocean wher eyou cant stop the oil from coating all the glacier for posteritiy spills centuries later...drinking an dthinking sabotages of proper sustainable policy not more status quo of the 2 party inhernet corrutption