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It is not a "spill" - it's a GUSHER.

just to make clear...

the exploded wellhead of the (former) Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico,

is not a 'spill' of oil.

The damaged well is continuously GUSHING oil from 5,000 feet deep on the ocean floor, where the blowout prevention device failed to do its job.
the well itself was drilled many thousands (up to 18K) of feet deeper, into the Earth's crust where pressures of oil and gas are very high.

Largest environmental disaster of the century.

so quit calling it a 'spill' or 'leak'.

this is a GUSHER. more than 5,000 barrels per day (possibly 4 to 10 times that rate! the "experts" simply don't know / can't determine it accurately)

it will be many months, possibly not until Fall 2010, until another well is drilled to relieve pressure on the gushing, uncontrolled well.