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Photographs of Portland Mayday 2010

Photographs from the 2010 Portland Mayday Rally and March, organized by the Portland May Day Coalition.
Estimates of 5000 people gathered in downtown Portland South Park blocks and marched through the streets of Portland to celebrate Mayday and support immigrant rights, stopping for speeches and chants of solidarity at the Nike store and the Justice Center.

The rally itself featured many speakers, translated into English and Spanish for a crowd that grew larger and larger as the time approached for the march. Speakers included representatives of local unions, immigrant rights groups as well as music, both Latino and a traditional selection from the labor movement.

The march ended at the South Park blocks for more solidarity and music.

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I saw the weirdest thing! A cop not being an asshole ! On MAY DAY! 01.May.2010 19:37


I just want to say, I saw the most amazing thing. Near the justice center, a small verbal altercation broke out between one of our more passionate radical friends and a corporate media bonehead. At least, I'm assuming he was with the corporate media, since he was such a complete asshole and so clueless regarding the etiquette of photographing people who ask not to be photographed. The "journalist," as he kept calling himself, snapped a picture of someone we all know and love who has a developmental disability. The person did not want to be photographed, and flipped off the "journalist," which caused the "journalist" to turn into an asshole and assert his "right" to photograph people whether they wanted to be photographed or not. A small shouting match ensued, and suddenly a handful of police officers started moving in toward our friend, who was with the black bloc and therefore often a target of police brutality. But before anyone could pepper spray or beat or arrest the person with the developmental disability who was very upset about being photographed, one of the officers stepped in front of the rest of the gang and called the man by name, trying to calm him down. When that didn't work, the officer (Johnson?) moved into the crowd and ...escorted the JOURNALIST away and asked him to stop hassling our friend. !!!

No kidding!

Now, I know it's a pretty weird world when one actually feels grateful to a cop for not beating, maiming, or killing someone for no reason. But this is Portland, and this is May Day, and it seemed like a weird kind of progress. As a friend murmured to me when she heard the tale, "What? Has... Hell frozen over?"