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We’ll Show You Crazy Bitches Part II

jacob onto is a piece of shit rapist. we are tired of accountability
processes that force the survivor to relive, over and over, the trauma of
assault; that force the survivor to put their reputation on the line as
"proof" of their credibility; that end up being an ineffective recreation
of the judicial process that leaves the perpetrator scot free, while the
survivor has to live through this for the rest of their life.

at the very least, the perpetrator should feel something, some lasting
mark of his behavior, something he will remember every time he has sex -
that is, if he ever has sex again. so we decided to make sure this is an
assault that jacob never fucking forgets.

we rolled in with a baseball bat. we pulled his books off his shelves: he
admitted it, not a single one mentioned consent. we made him say it: "i am
a rapist." we left him crying in the dark on his bed: he will never feel
safe there again.

this is a precedent. this is the beginning of a new kind of accountability
process, one that leaves the perpetrator in pain - though this is still
only a tiny fraction of the pain that he has caused. we know that jacob is
not the only guilty one. we know there are more of you out there.

we are not sorry, and we will not stop: from now on, we will respond to
sexual violence with violence.

"if you touch me, i will fucking kill you." let the roundups begin.

(a public service announcement: we encourage you to all use consent from
here on out. and let it be clear: consent is not the absence of a 'no,'
but the presence of a 'yes.')