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Clarifying Remarks On The International Anarchist Conspiracy

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Clarifying Remarks On The International Anarchist Conspiracy

Our last communique appeared shortly before the Greek Insurrection in December 2008. This communique took the form of a video, disseminated exclusively across the internet. In the video , we stated that our work was nearly complete. This statement has several meanings.

From its inception, the International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC) conspired to destroy the idea and practice of a formally organized resistance. We mimicked the language, imagery and slogans of formal organizations in order to discourage anyone from joining our own fictitious organization. Our goal was to instill a deep sense of distrust in the practice of a creating above-ground resistance movements. These attempts at resistance are doomed from their inception. By publicly displaying allegiance to a group, by letting their face be photographed, by letting the authorities integrate them into their surveillance network, a person instantly neutralizes all of their potential as an actor.

We ourselves have never been a group. The IAC has always been a joke, buffoonery, charades. We could be considered a grand distraction from the world you are missing. Hopefully, the bloated mysticism, childish theories and deranged advice did not distract you from the world underneath, the world in front of your eyes. We are several voices, nineteen whispers, and six mumbles.

One thing the IAC felt very strongly about was the existence of a detention center in Tacoma, WA. Because of this concern, we cast a spell against Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE). We encouraged people to do whatever they felt was necessary to hinder the fascist purifying of the land that is being carried out by the authorities. In many European countries, there is constant agitation against immigrant prisons. A notable example of this type of agitation is the latest explosion in France.


Various pamphlets were created and scattered all over the United States by various people. It is not known how far they traveled. Those pamphlets contained nothing but rubbish and comic relief. Some of them advocated self-defense against an attacking police force. We would like to view this advice of ours as practical steps to avoid tyranny. Or something along those lines.

For longer than we can remember, the authorities have attempted to portray a grand cabal of anarchist witches to the public. At the turn of the 20th century, the papers would be filled with articles about the great and monstrous international anarchist conspiracy. When the last of the Bonnot gang died they were surrounded by thousands of hypnotized subjects, called by their masters to a witch burning. Nothing changes for us. The authorities will always attempt to portray us as witches. In our opinion, it was best to call ourselves the International Anarchist Conspiracy, say we were witches, and then make fools of ourselves. It is in this manner that a witch avoids being a witch.

Finally, we will tell you a secret.

Our fifth and final communique was meant to embody Gevurah. Our first communique (which was in fact our sixth) was meant to embody Tiferet (someone else will tell you what these words mean). Our fifth communique was a spectacular invoking of strength. Our sixth communique (which was actually our first), was a reminder of what is real, of what is below. In the fifth communique, we dazzled you with images of your own strength. In the sixth communique, we told you about another group with a three letter acronym: ICE.

Our work is nearly complete.

"The International Anarchist Conspiracy is in fact operating all over the world, from the Philippines to Brazil to Greece. Western Civilization is rotting and its heart, the land of the rosy-hued sunset, is burning. But we are here to fan the flames away from ourselves and towards the monsters who ignited them."

-August 2007