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Freedom to Marry forum coming to St Helens on May 13

Rural Oregonians are rising up against homophobia and intolerance all over the state. While city dwellers harbor erroneous and xenophobic stereotypes about "hicks from the sticks," rural Oregon has quietly been organizing in solidarity with gay and lesbian Oregonians to make marriage a right for ALL Oregonians. Community leaders and citizens from Josephine to Baker to Clackamas to Columbia counties have come together to show their support for all Oregonians' right to love and family.
The small town of Silverton, Oregon, recently elected an openly transgender-identified mayor, Stu Rasmussen. And when homophobic hate squads came into town from out of state to harass Rasmussen, the whole community of Silverton turned out to support their mayor and to repel the homophobes. Contrary to the stereotypes many have of rural communities, there is some ass-kicking radical activity going on out in the rolling fields and jagged mountain communities of Oregon. Right now, there is a push by rural organizers to win the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian citizens. On Thursday, May 13th, there will be a forum on "Winning Freedom to Marry" in St Helens. It will be held at the Oak Meadow Best Western, 585 S Columbia River HWY at 6:30pm. Here, people like you and me will talk about the strategy to win the freedom to marry in Oregon. Present will be members of Basic Rights Oregon, the Rural Organizing Project, and Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity, as well as members of the general community. If you care about the rights of all Oregonians, please consider coming to this event to support your neighbors.

For more information, or to RSVP, please contact:  Free2marry@comcast.net or call the Rural Organizing Project at (503)543-8417.

What: Freedom to Marry forum for the right of all Oregonians to love and family
When: Thursday, May 13th, 6:30pm
Where: Oak Meadow Best Western, 585 S Columbia River Hwy, St Helens, OR
Why: Because everyone deserves the right to love