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Racist Arizona: report back from Phoenix protests Friday-Sunday 4/23-25

Brief notes from the protests
I am from Eugene and drove to Phoenix to protest SB 1070, a law that was passed on friday which now makes it illegal to be in Arizona if you do not have papers. There are supposedly 500,000 undocumented workers, motsly from Mexico, in the state.

The rallies were large for a conservative city like Phoneix, mostly Hispanic, but with a few white people. Friday was a youth rally and youth march; mostly highschool students walked ten miles, from Glendale to the capitol. There was a twenty-four hour vigil on saturday, and huge crowds on Sunday to hear congressmen Grijalva and Guttierez speak.

Talking to people randomly, especially in the nearby mostly immigrant neighborhood downtown, people are scared and alreday talking about leaving. Three women told me they are afraid, now, to send their kids to school or to go to work. The police have the right to stop you anywhere and ask you for papers - even walking down the sidewalk or going to the grocery store.

There is a boycott being started against the state, and even if you are an individual and not a business, you can help, by contacting Governer Jan Brewer's office and telling her you had plans to
vacation here but are going to New Mexico or Utah instead.

Denounce What Happened in Arizona - Press Release -Tue 4-27 - Portland Ore 11AM 26.Apr.2010 17:57

Joe Anybody (email - repost)

Hey Safe Communities and PCASC folks,

For those of you know are available, we'd love to see folks come represent
Safe Communities and PCASC at a press conference organized by the Portland
immigrants Rights Coalition to denounce what happened in Arizona as well as
draw attention to local law enforcement collaborations with ICE.

*What:* Press conference against Arizona SB 1070
*When: *Tuesday, April 27th, 11 AM
*Where: *St Francis Church, 1131 SE Oak St, Portland, Oregon (the corner of
12th and Pine)

PCASC co-coordinator
503 236 7916 (cell)

En espa?ol mas abajo,
April 23, 2010

*Marco Mejia: 503-740-8035,  mejiayep@yahoo.com
Romeo Sosa: 503-381-0848,  romeo@portlandvoz.org

**Portland Immigrant and Civil Rights Advocates to Denounce Anti-Immigrant
Initiatives in Oregon and Arizona
**Arizona Governor Passed Racial Profiling Legislation;
Advocates to Issue Local Reaction and Highlight Related Local Concerns *

*What:* Press conference against Arizona SB 1070
*When: * Tuesday, April 27th, 11 AM
*Where: * St Francis Church, 1131 SE Oak St, Portland, Oregon (the corner of
12th and Pine)

[Portland, Oregon] Portland day laborer and faith, immigrant, and civil
rights advocates are joining in a national day of action against Arizona SB
1070, which requires local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal
immigration law and interrogate, and even jail, people based on whether they
?look? undocumented.

SB 1070 was passed by the Arizona Legislature and approved by Arizona
Governor Jan Brewer on April 23rd, 2010. Portland advocates, concerned
about the precedent set by the bill, will hold a press conference on the
heels of her decision. Throughout the nation, community groups in over 10
cities will hold local events and coordinate advocacy efforts to ?uncover
the truth? on these dangerous programs.

?Arizona SB 1070 gives police a mandate to racially profile,? stated Romeo
Sosa, Executive Director of VOZ. ?We are standing in solidarity with the
people of Arizona against this bill, and calling for a moratorium on
collaboration of local law enforcement with ICE.?

Locally, the recent introduction of the Secure Communities program into
Clackamas County Jail raises the stakes in Oregon for similar collaboration
between ICE and local law enforcement officials.

*The press conference is organized by the Portland Immigrant Rights
Coalition. For more information, contact Marco Mejia at 503.740.8035 or

**Comunicado de prensa
Para su inmediata diffusion *

Abril 23, 2010

*Marco Mejia: 503-740-8035,  mejiayep@yahoo.com
Romeo Sosa: 503-381-0848,  romeo@portlandvoz.org

*Imigrantes de Portland y apoyantes de derechos civiles denuncian las
iniciativas anti-imigrantes en Oregon y Arizona
**La gobernadora de Arizona pasa una legislacion de Perfil Racial;
Apoyantes de los imigrantes reaccionan y tienen altas preocupaciones *

*Que?:* Conferencia de Prensa en contra de la SB 1070 que paso en Arizona
*Cuando?:* Martes 27 de Abril a las 11 de la Manana
*Donde?:* En la Iglesia San Francis, 1131 SE Oak St, Portland OR (En la
esquina de la 12 y la Pine)

[Portland, Oregon] Jornaleros de Portland, religiosos, imigrantes y
apoyantes de derechos civiles se unen en el dia de accion Nacional en contra
de la SB 1070, que requiere que los policias locales refuersen leyes
federales de migracion, para interrogar y encarcelar personas si se sopecha
que sons indocumentados.

SB 1070 paso en la legislatura de Arizona y aprovado por la Governadora Jan
Brewer el 23 de Abril del 2010. Apoyantes de Portland, tienen preocupaciones
de esta ley, tendremos una conferencia sobre esta decision. En toda la
nacion, grupos comunitarios en mas de 10 ciudades se realizaran eventos y
ciirdubar esfuerzos para ?Destapar la verdad? de este peligroso programa.

?Arizona SB 1070 le da un mandato a la policia sobre el perfil racial?
indica Romeo Sosa Director Ejecutivo de VOZ. ?Estamos en solidaridad con
nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Arizona en contra de esta ley y hago un
llamado a una moratoria sobre la colaboracion del la policia local con
agentes de migracion?

Localmente, se introdujo un programa de ?comunidades seguras? en la carcel
del condado de Clackamas que es la colaboracion entre agentes de migracion y
los oficiales de policia.

*La conferencia de prensa es organizado por la Coalision Pro-imigrante de
Para mas informacion contacte a Marco Mejia al 503-740-8035 *

*Romeo Sosa
*VOZ Workers? Rights Education Project
1131 SE Oak St.
Portland OR 97214
Ph (503) 233-6787
Fax (503) 232-6449

Raciest Arizona 19.May.2010 17:42

kitty cat

BS...that is not raciest it is the law and they are not undocumented workers they are non-American criminals (nac)
If they just learn to follow laws and try to play fair we wouldn't be in this mess.