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Neo-Nazis Target Queers?

Has the queer community been targeted by neo-nazis of Portland?
I received this text message tonight: "Confirmed neonazi initiation including random beatings of folks leaving queer hangouts. Spread the word and travel in packs."

A friend of mine received a similar text, adding that there have been 5 assaults in 5 days. I don't think anyone would spread false information on such a serious matter, but I need some details! I have not previously heard of the queer community being targeted, or a specific incident on any confrontations or beatings. The only information I can find is an allegation on qpdx.com.

Obviously someone is certain that this incident is linked to a neo-nazi group in Portland, but how did they make the connection? Again, I'm not questioning the legitimacy of this statement - I simply wish to understand how this conclusion was reached.

Portland ARA is a resource 24.Apr.2010 23:56

Portland ARA / Rose City Antifa fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

Portland Anti-Racist Action have not presently received any specific account of any gay-bashing attack by neo-Nazis that occurred this month. We have received second- and third- hand accounts which all been in the vein of the article above; the further from the source, the worse and more frequent the accounts become. We sourced ONE of these accounts, and found it to be a dead end. Unfortunately, we live in a world where such accounts are very much within the realm of possibility, and we applaud those taking smart steps to keep their community safe.

We encourage anyone who may have first-person information to contact us:

fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net
971.533.7832 (voicemail)

971.533.7832 (vm)