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May Day Solidarity Social April 28th at PSU

An event celebrating 10 years of the rebirth of May Day in Portland, and to build for this years march next Saturday.
PSU's Pan American Solidarity Organization (PASO) Presents:

SOLIDARITY SOCIAL: Remembering 10 Years of May Day in Portland
Wednesday, April 28th
Smith Multicultural Center (228)
Donations Accepted $$

Join us for a great evening of food, music, personal recollections, and a slideshow of May Day 2000.

The International Workers' Day tradition, "MAY DAY" was reinvigorated in Portland after the 1999 World Trade Organization protests. Community activists and students come together to celebrate the movements--past, present, and future—and get ready for this year's march on May 1st.

In Solidarity with the Portland May Day Coalition.

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