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Maikoyo Exhibit

Maikoyo exhibited a collection of artworks all stemming from a police photo of him, after he had been beaten by police. The photo shows a bloodied young black man, eyes swollen, neck in a brace, brusied and swollen cheeks, cuts and gashes. Maikoyo puts the police photo of his horrific wounds on display.
Maikoyo was beat up by the police. It is standard for the police department to take photos of arrested people. The photos in this exhibit shows him as a beaten man with a torn eye, and a bloody and bruised face. Maikoyo embellishes the police photo by reproducing it in various forms and by adding raffia in one picture, a collage of his childhood photos in another, and various other add ons and mixed media approaches to record this violent act by the police. It is evocative and a use of art as protest that is effective.
To view these works of art or to contact Maikoyo, contact the Pun(c)tuation Gallery.

Very interesting story 24.Apr.2010 15:06

meg obrien

Thanks for letting us know about an interesting show.

Awesome idea! - shine the light on injustice & brutality 25.Apr.2010 11:45


The more people who see these photos the better. Using your creativity and telling your own personal story through pictures is a great way to open people's eyes to the issue of the CRIMES of police brutality and injustice. Turn things around and use police photos against them by showing the aftermath of their abuse. Very effective. Kudos!

People like to assume that it's only "others" who are victimized by the cops. But seriously, these thugs wouldn't think twice, if given the chance or if they allege "provocation" by something any one of us did (perhaps looking at them the wrong way) they would turn their aggression on YOU in a heartbeat. Don't think they wouldn't. They are not "peace officers" this is a "myth" that needs to be smashed once and for ALL.

The sheer number of people who could contribute to a 'community project' and could add their own photos and stories would be a very powerful tool/tactic in fighting the ongoing struggle against police unwarranted aggression and violence. Every picture tells a story and this is a story that MUST BE TOLD. We the people are the victims and the police are the enemy. It's time we all stand up, speak out and say ENOUGH!!!

Way to be proactive! Seriously, you're on to something here that could make a huge difference in making others aware that given the opportunity it could be they themselves that could very easily be the next 'victim' with suffering (or possibly even killed) at the hands of the cops. Cops need to be held accountable for the crimes they commit against the citizenry. It's time to turn things around and show who the real 'villains' of society are. Power to the people always.

Keep in mind that. . . Power is given - Control is taken.

Keep up the great work!

Solidarity & Peace