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Oregonians' Bias Coverage on Confederate Bed Store/EyeSore

Biased & Un-Balanced!
Dixie Mattress Co., the bed store with the two confederate flags out front located on the 3300 block of SE Belmont, has been bought & sold. The Oregonian reported on this, refering to MLK's image as "vandalism". WTF?!
Dixie Mattress Co., the bed store with the two confederate flags out front located on the 3300 block of SE Belmont, has been bought & sold. The new owners have yet to be identified, & their plans for the long shuttered store-front are as yet unknown. The Oregonian had an article about this in yesterdays' edition, Friday April 23, 2010 Metro section page B3. The article, as typical for the corperate, slowly dying paper, was extremely bias to the point of obscene. In 2008 a decent citizen took it upon him/herself to cover up the two conferderate/klan flags with decals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many of you may recall this. There was NO spray paint. There was NO damage to property what so ever! Just two decals/flags with MLKs' image on it, hung over these two symbols of the Jim Crow/Aparthied South. The MLK images were easily removed with no trouble, other than a latter.

Yet, the Oregonian refers to this as VANDALISM! The sub-text to the article on April 23, reads: "The store, vandalized in '08, had neighbors questioning it's message" Does anyone else find it offensive that the big O would regard the covering of a confederate flag with MLKs' face as "vandalism"? For the record, Dixie Mattress Co. had been, more or less, closed for business for years. In the past four years, i saw the store opened ONCE, & i live in the neighborhood. According to the papers' article, the store was founded in 1968 (same year MLK was murdered by who knows who) by Carroll Perronne. In recent years, her daughters, Judy Perronne & Denise Woodward, owned & operated the store. Their excuse for the confederate signs was "it's from their Louisiana roots".

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by who knows who? 01.May.2010 16:07


In the posting regarding the mattress store, the author refers to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasination as being by "who knows who".

Actually, we do know. Or we should know. Especially now, because journalist Hampton Sides, experienced in historical research, just published a new book this very subject. The book is: 'Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin.'

And the killer is: James Earl Ray. At most, it appears that he might have received some support from a small number of unrelated white supremacists and small-time crooks. That's all.

Conspiracy theories are seductive, but none really fit in this case. Members of the King family did fall for a story told by James Earl Ray about another man, "Rafael", pulling the trigger, but if one reads the new book, or just listen to an interview Sides, one will almost certainly recognize the absurdity of that story, and the desperation of a person who would tell that story, ...or wish to believe in that story.

Of course, we all know the FBI is a popular player in conspiracy tales, but there's absolutely no evidence of FBI involvement in the King assasination -- neither active involvement nor foreknowledge. And in the absence of evidence is not a reason to believe (though many people seem to think otherwise, at least judging from the popularity of religion in much of the world nowadays).

And even if we look at the matter from the most cynical of perspectives, the federal government had little to gain, and much to lose, from King's death in 1968.

True, King was moving to the left at that time, organizing and speaking out on issues of economic justice, in keeping w/ King's own stated socialism. (See Garrow's book 'Bearing the Cross' for a fascinating account of the arguments and differences between King, a supporter of socialism, and Jesse Jackon, a supporter of capitalism.)

But King's embrace of wider issues of economic justice was very controversial among civil rights activists, and actions like the Poor People's Campaign (had it materialized w/ King in the lead), might have backfired in a manner similar to the first march King led in Memphis in support of the garbage worker's strike. If the Poor People's Campaign proved counterproductive, it would have discredited King some, and discredited even more any efforts to organize and advocate on behalf of the poor in America.

Furthermore, King provided an effective counterweight to the Black Panthers and other militant "Black Power" organizations, like those emerging among the black auto workers in Detroit (for example, the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement, or DRUM, which formed one month after King's death). And it was really those movements, their politics, strategies, and tactics -- not so much King, not anymore -- that greatly concerned the FBI and others in the federal government.

And that is where you can find evidence of FBI-backed efforts to assasinate leaders & members of radical organizations. But you cannot find such evidence in regards to the King assasination.

Without an accurate understanding of our world, we are going to have a difficult time changing it. And far more often than not, conspiracy theories & suggestions of conspiracy theories, lead us astray.


Yeah, but... 03.May.2010 13:24

Damos Abadon koldphraust@hotmail.com

I see what you're saying, Steve. And yes, the F.B.I. was indeed increasingly concerned about Black Leftist/Militant groups starting around the mid-60's. However completely unfounded such concerns (e.i. racist hysteria) were.
But i contend that the F.B.I. along with various other law enforcement elements despised Dr.King enough to want him dead. They labeled King a communist & worse. He was even advised (anonymously) that he should take his own life, for the sake of his family - hint hint.
That's why it's inconclusive to this day just who EXACTLY is responsible for MLKs' murder. Even if James Earl Ray (an admitted racist & klansman, however uneducated) himself pulled the trigger, i think it's clear that he was simply a set-up pasty.