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Campus Crusade for Christ: Deception and Smuggling?

Campus Crusade for Christ organizes "mission trips" through GAIN, one of its subsidiaries. Campus Crusade for Christ collects a 12% fee for these trips. Participants report "pretending to understand" what people say, and there is also discussion of sealed suitcases...
Campus Crusade for Christ, through GAIN (Global Aid Network), organizes "mission trips" to various locations.

A blog by one of the "missionaries" reports that she "pretended to understand" what people were saying and that she did not need an interpreter.

An examination of GAIN's website shows that GAIN insists that "missionaries" accept a sealed suitcase or box to be taken as part of their checked baggage. No information about the contents is provided. Similarly, no information about how to respond to aiport questions about "who packged the bags" is offered either.


homepage: homepage: http://evangelicalsunderamicroscope.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/gainusa-mission-trips-no-need-for-understanding/