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Animal Defense League DropsThree Anti-Vivisection Banners throughout Portland

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Contact: Justin Kay, Portland Animal Defense League- (503)369-4516,  pdx_adl@riseup.net
Dropped Over I-84
Dropped Over I-84
"Shut Down ONPRC!" Banner dropped Near the Primate Center
Dropped Over I-405
Dropped Over I-405
Portland, OR- Early morning on April 22, activists from the Portland Animal Defense League hung banners at three locations throughout the Portland area. The Portland Animal Defense League (ADL) is a grassroots organization dedicated to exposing and abolishing animal exploitation.

The action was taken as part of World Week for Animals in Labs, an annual and international event that highlights the brutal nature of vivisection and encourages people to take action against it. The banners carried messages against OHSU and the research conducted at the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC).

This is the latest among many actions taken so far this week. Earlier in the week, ADL organized an educational outreach event at OHSU's campus and demonstrations at the ONPRC and the home of Judy L. Cameron, a notorious vivisector known for her useless research and waste of tax-payer dollars. There are still events planned for the rest of the week.

Today's banner hangs come at a time when OHSU is requesting $15 million from the National Institutes of Health for a massive expansion of their primate research facility. The facility currently contains approximately 4,200 nonhuman primates and has been cited for numerous USDA violations, the most recent series occurring in November of 2009. An inspection noted 7 violations of the Animal Welfare Act including unqualified personnel, inadequate veterinary care, and improper housing. The worst came when an unapproved drug was administered to two rhesus macaque monkeys, leaving them dead.

"Instead of expanding, the ONPRC should be shut down." says Justin Kay of the Portland Animal Defense League. "The ONPRC already receives around $15 million annually, half of which funds miscellany at OHSU. The other half fails to accomplish anything resembling medical or scientific progress. As an alternative to the expansion, OHSU should reallocate the funds it puts towards animal research and fund research endeavors with actual scientific efficacy."

This latest action taken is a sign that resistance to OHSU, the ONPRC and vivisection is building.

"Animal research is an industry," says Kay, "with vested interests ranging from the Universities to breeders to cage manufacturers. As long as OHSU and other institutions continue to disguise ruthless animal exploitation in the veil of human progress there will be intense opposition."